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Who doesn’t love a cool, refreshing smoothie on a hot summer day?  I certainly do!

A few months ago, my mother-in-law, Nancy, made a blended drink that was absolutely phenomenal – and SOOOOO easy!!!  It’s also a great drink for a party!! The drink below is a variation on hers, but it turned out super delicious as well!!  It’s definitely a keeper for our parties!

Bacardi Smoothie

1 container Raspberry Lemonade frozen juice concentrate
Bacardi Rum

1)  In a blender empty the raspberry lemonade frozen juice concentrate.
2)  Fill the emptied container half-way with Bacardi Rum.  Empty into blender.
3)  Fill the rest of the blender up with ice.
4)  Blend until smooth.
5)  Pour and enjoy!!!

Variation (this is my mother-in-law’s original recipe):  Use limeade frozen juice concentrate and fill the container all the way up with Malibu Rum instead of Bacardi.