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In addition to Southwestern flavors, my hubby is also a Southern boy at heart.  His dad grew up in Southern Virginia and he’s definitely shared the Southern Cuisine bug with his son!!  One of Rob’s favorite dishes is Biscuits and Gravy.  He has ordered it a number of times when we’ve got out for breakfast and then often complained about how bland it was.  After hearing him complain so many times, I thought I should just make it myself!

Rob loves my version of Sausage Gravy so it’s definitely a keeper!  I season it with salt and pepper and add a little bit of sage.  I love its aromatic earthiness.  It goes perfectly with breakfast sausage.  If I’m feeling up to it – I’ll make biscuits from scratch.  When I feel like cheating, however, Bisquick does the trick!  It still makes it feel like homemade without the extra work.

Needless to say, Rob enjoyed breakfast this morning as I made his favorite!  He was even more excited that there were leftovers.  I’m sure he’ll be having this again for breakfast tomorrow!

Sausage Gravy

1 pkg. breakfast sausage roll (I recommend Jimmy Dean original breakfast sausage)
1/4 cup flour
1 cup milk
1/2 tsp.  sage
Salt and Pepper to taste

1)  In a non-stick skillet over medium-high heat, add the breakfast sausage and breakup the meat into small pieces while allowing it to brown.  Add the sage and season with salt and pepper.
2)  When browned, add the flour and mix well.  The mixture will be thick.
3)  Add the milk and mix well.  As the mixture heats, it will thicken.  Add more or less flour and milk to achieve desired consistency.
4)  Serve over biscuits sliced in half.